The main actresses on Mighty Med are Paris Berelc, Brooke Sorenson and Cozi Zhuelsdorff. Paris Berelc plays Skylar Storm, a superhero who lost her powers. She appeared in every episode of Mighty Med (so far), as she is one of the main characters on the show. To see more 

information about Paris, click Paris Berelc.

Cozi Zhuelsdorff plays Jordan, Kaz and Oliver's friend. She has appeared in many episodes of Mighy Med. To see more information on Cozi, click Cozi Zuehlsdorff.

Brooke Sorenson plays Stefanie, the popular girl in school. She has a appeared in a couple episodes of Mighty Med. To see more information about Brooke, click Brooke Sorenson.


Which is your favorite actress?

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Paris Berelc
Paris Berelc image

Cozi Zhuelsdorff

Brooke Sorenson

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