Full Name

The Arcturion


Space Rock


Alien Artifact

Resides In

Alien Spaceship (formerly)



First Seen

Living the Dream

Last Seen

The Mother of All Villains

The Arcturion is an artifact first mentioned and seen in Living the Dream.


A thousand years ago, the inhabitants of the planet Baaaaaaaaah created the Arcturion as a power source. However, they decided it was too dangerous, so they had to get rid of it. Philip, a lowly janitor, was on the ship whose mission was to dispose of the Arcturion. However, his ship carrying it crashed into the earth, causing it to be lost.


During construction centuries later at Logan High School, they unearthed the memory drive that had been on the ship. Oliver accidentally touched a rock that had been in contact with it, and all the information about it was uploaded into his mind. However, Oliver mistook it for a dream.

The villain Mr. Terror is searching for the Arcturion as with it, he will be the most powerful villain in existence.

The robotic agent, Principal Howard discovered this, however, he was defeated by the combined efforts of Oliver, Kaz, Captain Atomic, and Skylar before he could report back.

Mr. Terror obtained the Arcturion in the series finale, The Mother of All Villains, absorbed its energy, and was last seen flying into the skies of Philadelphia. It is possible that the Arcturion Arc may continue in the spin-off series, Lab Rats: Elite Force. Throughout the sequel, the Arcturion was mentioned many times, and Kaz and Oliver have no idea how many powers it gave them.  


  • In Lab Rats: Elite ForceChase often calls the Arcturion a "magic space rock".
  • The Arcturion Arc will continue into Lab Rats: Elite Force.

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