Is it a video of you doing cartwheels again? We get it, your flexible!
Full Name





Mighty Med Hospital Staff


Alan Diaz, Oliver, Kaz,


Skylar Storm (frenemies)

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Hair Color




First Seen

Saving the People Who Save People

Last Seen

Free Wi-Fi

Portrayed By

Karan Soni

Benny is a worker at Mighty Med seen in the episode Saving the People Who Save People. He is portrayed by Karan Soni.


Benny is an doctor at Mighty Med Hospital, who is usually seen with a red shirt with black sleeves. He usually seems busy. He was seen throughout the episode Saving the People Who Save People. Benny was also known as whats-his-face in You Think You Can Be A Sidekick.


Benny is a nice man but seems to dislike Skylar Storm, thinking she shows off her agility and reflexes. This was proved when Skylar mentioned a video she posted online showing off her flips and agility, and Benny commented about it, saying it had one dislike. He is usually upset over the fact that his powers are useless.

Powers, Skills & Weakness


  • Super Speed - He has the ability to run at superspeed, but it only works when he runs backwards.
  • Limited Time Reduction - He has the ability to throw objects in slow motion.


  • Computer Knowledge - Benny has a master's degree in Computer Science, and knows how to diagnose tech problems.


  • Useless Powers - Benny's superpowers are known to be useless in most situations.


Season 1


  • He seems nice to everyone else besides Skylar because he is jealous of her. (Saving the People Who Save People)
  • He is a hard working man who is always operating on superheroes, and he was amazed when Kaz and Oliver figured out what was wrong with Tecton so fast at the beginning of Saving the People Who Save People
  • He is the first character Kaz and Oliver meet in Mighty Med.
  • He was the only one who disliked Skylar's online video out of 56 likes.
  • His trainer is Gillermo, and he wants a new one (Because he saw that other heroes with the same personal trainer were more muscular than him).
    • Apparently they realized that they were more muscular because they had Super Strength.
  • He has a third ear on his right armpit.
  • He has a masters degree in computer science.
  • He has no friends whatsoever.
  • Benny was supposed to be responsible for taking the USB prison containing Wi-Fi and storing him in a safe. However, he got the flashdrive mixed up with soy sauce packets.


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