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Brake (Br/adley and J/ake) is the friendship pairing of Bradley Steven Perry and Jake Short.

Other Names

  • Jadley (Jake and Bradley)
  • Brade (Bradley and Jake)


  • They've done several interviews together.
  • They went to Disney Land together.
  • They filmed Mighty Med together.
  • They are filming Lab Rats: Elite Force together.
  • They make videos together.
  • Bradley seems to have a good relationship with Jake's maternal grandmother Marie Hankins, as she offered to take his jacket from him in an interview.
  • They play softball and soccer for Mighty Med and for Lab Rats Elite Force.
  • Jake said Brad is the person who he shares most inside jokes with.
  • During the interview for Disney XD's Mark and Russel's Wild Ride, they were mistaken for siblings.
  • They met at a Disney softball game, and Jake admitted to being a bit starstruck.
  • In a recent pic with almost all the Elite Force, Bradley has his head slightly leaning on Jake's shoulder in a friendly manner.
  • Their go-to lie is telling each other they did well on acting.
  • They like to find videos or songs and show each other.
  • They went to eat cheesecakes together.
  • They tease each other constantly.
  • They answer for each other in interviews sometimes.
  • when asked about the flying saucer scenes in Mighty Med, both boys simply stated : Too close.
  • Jake called Bradley his best bud.
  • They went to Toronto together.
  • They both took pictures fake-sleeping in doggy beds, one probably imitating the other.
  • They've made many vines together, including one making fun of their old ones, and one about a squirrel they saw in the parking lot. Jake also appeared in Bradley's first vine and advised people to check it out and show Bradley some love.
  • Both filmed while sporting a cast, Bradley in Good Luck Charlie and Jake in a short film.
  • Their moms share the same name, Kimberly.
  • They tend to goof off during interviews, an example being when Jake repeatedly kept kicking Bradley's shins.
  • During a break at Blizzard Beach, while they were having frozen hot cocoa, Bradley made Jake's whipped cream go on his nose.
  • As of 01 / 10 / 16, they are traveling together, and Bradley took a picture of the two, while Jake was asleep, and captioned it :" Isn't traveling with your best friend just the greatest thing? "

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