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Brakis (Bradley + Jake + Paris), is the real life friendship between Bradley Steven Perry, Jake Short and Paris Berelc. The boys attended her sweet 16 and left messages together for her and the threesome seem to be close offscreen. During the interview for her bash, the boys let us in on some interesting facts about their dynamic:

- The boys sat in on her audition as per requested by the casting directors, and Bradley quoted the directors said if she could act in front of these guys you can do it.

- Another surprising fact is how similar Skylar and Paris really are. The boys reveal most of their bruises are not from paintball, but because she "literally goes around punching people on set". Making sure we understood, Bradley goes on "You act like I'm kidding, but I'm not! "

The threesome are the only ones from Mighty Med slated to be main characters in the 2016 Lab Rats/Mighty Med spin-off, called Lab Rats: Elite Force.

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