The Dyad of Nebulon was a powerful amulet belonging to the villain Catastrophe, which was split into two by Horace Diaz when he defeated Catastrophe and split him into Wallace and Clyde. Wallace and Clyde later regained half the Dyad, but the other half remained in Horace's possession at Mighty Med. Wallace and Clyde attempted to recover it, eventually succeeding after tricking Horace's nephew Alan into stealing it for them. They then used the Dyad to merge back into Catastrophe and attack Horace, only to be separated again when the Dyad was again split into two halves. They then tried to convince Alan to use the Dyad's power to take over the universe, but Alan decided it was too much work and threw the Dyad's halves into Mighty Med's super-charged energy core, destroying Catastrophe  forever. Wallace and Clyde were split again and remained two separate individuals.

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