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I love bridges!
— Horace, many episodes
Horace Diaz
Full Name

Doctor Horace Diaz


Horace Valentine






May, 992 B.C.


Chief of Staff


Mighty Med


Unnamed Mother


Optimo (Brother-in-Law)
Unnamed Sister


Connie Valentine (Fake/Adoptive Daughter)
Alan (Nephew)
Zachary (Nephew)


Dr. Bridges (Ex-Girlfriend)
Bridget (fiance)


Kaz (employee)
Oliver (would-be stepson)
Skylar Storm (friend)

Eye Color


Hair Color






First Seen

Saving the People Who Save People

Last Seen


Portrayed By

Carlos Lacámara

Horace Diaz is a major recurring character in the series, Mighty Med. He is the hospital’s Chief of Staff, and is Caduceo, the legendary healer of superheroes. Horace is portrayed by Carlos Lacámara.

Summary Edit

Horace is the chief of Mighty Med. He hired Kaz and Oliver. It is also revealed in Storm's End that he is the legendary superhero healer Caduceo, who went into hiding for a long time.


Horace has a goofy personality but he does possess a serious side, especially dealing with villains. He's always cracking jokes and loves bridges. He is funny and always gets the job done. He has trained for years as a medical worker to work at Mighty Med. However, his punishments are extremely Draconian--failing an exam or breaking rules are met with cubing.


Oliver (Good Friends/Future Step-son) Edit

Horace is good friends with Oliver and was immediately impressed by his knowledge of superheroes. Horace also doesn't seem to get annoyed by Oliver. Because Horace is engaged to Oliver's mom, Oliver is his potential stepson.

Kaz (Good Friends) Edit

At first, Horace disliked Kaz and didn't want to hire him until Oliver changed his mind, After Kaz saved Tecton's life, he finally trusted him. However there are times when Kaz disobeys Horace's orders.

Skylar (Good Friends/Honorary Daughter) Edit

Horace has a strong friendship with Skylar and in Evil Gus, when Horace acts like Skylar's dad, it made him realize he wants kids really badly. Despite being good friends with Skylar, in the Season 1 finale, Horace was fine with kicking Skylar out of the hospital and finds her very greedy.

Alan (Nephew) Edit

Horace is the uncle to Alan. Most of the times, Horace gets annoyed by Alan's selfish and annoying behavior but deep inside he truly loves him. In fact, Horace is concerned for Alan's well-being in order to protect him from Razor Claw.


  • Chronokinesis - He can control the flow of time. This allows him to switch clothes with other people faster than a blink of an eye.
    • Superhuman Speed - He can slow time down around him to give watchers the illusion that he moves at super speed.
    • Temporal Stasis - He is able to freeze someone in suspended animation, however it only works for a short while (depending on the person he uses it on), or as long as he can maintain it.  
  • Immortality - Its revealed that Horace is immortal, and is at least 3000 years old.
  • Healing - As the legendary healer, he possesses the ability and extensive knowledge to heal even superheroes.
  • Resurrection - By chanting the words "Thanatoi bios, bioi thanatos!", a wand with two serpents twined around it appears, and brings a subject to life. However, Horace was only able to this 5 times, and now he only has one left. Resurrection has a horrible irreversible side affect; Horace gains a pound right in his hips, and it is very noticeable.
  • Superhuman Intelligence - Horace is a very intelligent man in many disciplines, and does his own research. However his childish and goofy personality can make him look like a dim-witted man.


  • Electric Fields - His powers are blocked by electric fields.  
  • Mirror of Zalkanikus - If a superhero looks into it, their powers will be drained.
  • Arrogance - Horace is very arrogant, and at times seems to be a borderline egomaniac. Although most of the time he simply appears harmlessly eccentric and wacky, at times he can be greedy, selfish and jerkish. His arrogance also creates other problems, such as putting too much confidence in Mighty Med's security system, whose staff is competent half the the time. In Oliver Hatches the Eggs, it's shown on occasion he has a colossal ego, to the point where he wants to be in a movie "about me, produced by me, and starring me."

Trivia Edit

  • He lacked trust in Kaz until he saved Tecton's life. (Saving the People Who Save People).
  • He loves a lot of things.
    • It was revealed in "Atomic Blast From the Past" that it was a Time traveling Oliver and Kaz who caused his love for bridges.
    • He loves pranks.
    • He loves hallways.
    • He loves tophats as confirmed in "Mighty Mole".
    • He loves football.
  • He is the uncle to Alan Diaz, who is his sister's son.
  • Horace has many similarities to Donald Davenport from Lab Rats, as both act as authority/father figures to the main characters. Both are eccentric geniuses who are arrogant, sometimes selfish and have large egos, but are genuinely nice, care about others, and have a strong moral constitution in spite of that. In addition, both are portrayed to be childish.
  • He has a mug that says 'World's Sexiest Chief of Staff and Vice Chancellor of Medical Administration" which he bought at a gas station.
  • He likes to shake his butt on the dance floor. And groove!
  • He tells Alan to stay out of things and then repeats what Alan says a lot. (Saving the People Who Save People and Evil Gus).
  • He loves pranks.
  • He likes Oliver more than Kaz.
  • Wallace and Clyde sought revenge over him, as he split their former being, the villain Catastrophe, into two, near powerless people, the only way to restore them being to bring together two halves of an amulet.
  • One of the superheros, Timeline, is his cousin, and he doesn't get along with him.
  • He home schools Alan. According to Alan, he isn't very good at it.
  • He really wants to have children. (Evil Gus)
  • When he is the fake father of Skylar, he seems to like it a lot and get involved in her life along with wanting to spend time with her.
  • He thinks Skylar is better than Alan.
  • Though he loves bridges, his two known relatives, Timeline and Alan hate bridges. The reason for his family's obsession with bridges is unknown. Horace likes anything with the word "Bridge" in it.
  • He is a terrible singer, and according to Oliver, he is "butchering Beyoncé." (The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy)
  • He is 3,005, almost 3,006 years old, born in 991 BC.
  • So far, Megahertz and Brain Matter (while mutated) have shown to be resistant to Horace's time freeze.
  • He hates his boss, Dr. Bridges.  
  • He wears diapers even though he's potty trained.
  • He wears a tuxedo to bed.
  • He waxes his armpits.
  • He has a third nipple.
  • He does not appreciate bottom hats.
  • He has a paddle-ball in his coat pocket. (Do You Want to Build a Lava Man?)
  • He's ticklish (Do You Want to Build a Lava Man?)
  • He is "Caduceo" the legendary healer of all superheroes (Storm's End). For a while, no one in Mighty Med knew this.
  • He describes himself as creepy ad harmless on his dating profile.

Appearances Edit


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