I'm not under the gurney, I am the gurney!

Jamie is the daughter of Bernice from accounting. For the whole episode it was assumed that she was the daughter of The Great Defender. She was seen in Pranks for Nothing.


Jamie is a girl child with lots of hair. She was seen with a necklace and a blue tank top with a peace sign on it.


Jamie is a prank-pulling, spoiled brat who likes pulling pranks on Alan Diaz. However, after Alan rescued her from the incinerator, she said he was her hero.


  • Shapeshifting: Jamie has the ability to turn into any object at will. It is unknown if she can turn into living things, like animals or people.


  • Jamie cannot use her powers when wet.


Season 1


  • Although she can't use her powers when wet, she turned into a cup.

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