Mighty Max


Prison For Super Villians


League of Heroes

First Appearence

There's a Storm Coming

Mighty Max is a prison specifically meant to imprison the world's most dangerous supervillains and criminals. Mighty Max prison was introduced in There's a Storm Coming.

It's located 300 miles beneath Mighty Med hospital, it appears there is a link between the two, not just in location, as Horace has the authority to imprison villains and controls the guards. However, they appear to be under the ultimate authority of the League of Superheroes.

Mighty Max prison cells are small rectangular rooms that each have a force field to keep the prisoners from escaping (the force fields block the exits and the prisoner's powers are dampened).

It's revealed that repeat offenders, are sentenced to be transformed into an action figure and sold as a rare collectable.

Ever since the Annihilator's return, security was tightened.

Known Prisoners


  • Even though it has prison cell force fields, Experion was able to break out by using the decryption device on Kaz's phone.
  • When you touch the force field, you can play some music like Kaz did in How the Mighty Med Have Fallen.


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