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Season 1


Premiere Episode

Saving the People Who Save People

Premiere Date

October 7, 2013

Finale Episode

There's a Storm Coming

Finale Date

September 15, 2014


Season 2

Season 1 is the first and premiere season of the series, Mighty Med. It was picked up by Disney XD on April 4, 2013 and aired on October 7, 2013. The pilot was created and written by Emmy Award-nominee Jim Bernstein (Disney's "Phineas and Ferb") and Andy Schwartz ("Scrubs"), and directed by Eric Dean Seaton ("Kickin' It"). Stephen Engel (Disney Channel's "A.N.T. Farm," "The Big Bang Theory") and Bernstein served as executive producers and Schwartz served as supervising producer.


The series follows best friends Kaz and Oliver who, while hanging out at their favorite comic book store, inadvertently discover a secret wing of a hospital that caters to super heroes and comic book characters.

Meanwhile, Wallace and Clyde, co-owners of the Domain and formerly a powerful supervillain known as Catastrophe, seek revenge against Horace Diaz.


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Episode GuideEdit

The episode guide including Season 1 may be viewed here.


  1. 10/7/13 Saving the People Who Save People
  2. 10/14/13 Frighty Med
  3. 10/21/13 I, Normo
  4. 10/28/13 Sm’oliver’s Travels
  5. 11/4/13 Pranks for Nothing
  6. 11/11/13 It's Not the End of the World
  7. 1/13/14 Evil Gus
  8. 2/3/14 Alan's Reign of Terror
  9. 2/10/14 So You Think You Can Be a Sidekick
  10. 2/24/14 Lockdown
  11. 3/10/14 All That Kaz
  12. 3/24/14 The Friend of My Friend Is My Enemy
  13. 3/31/14 Atomic Blast From the Past
  14. 4/7/14 Growing Pains
  15. 4/14/14 Night of the Living Nightmare
  16. 4/21/14 Mighty Mad
  17. 6/9/14 Fantasy League of Superheroes
  18. 6/16/14 Copy Kaz
  19. 6/23/14 Guitar Superhero
  20. 6/30/14 Free Wi-Fi
  21. 7/7/14 Two Writers Make a Wrong
  22. 7/18/14 Are You Afraid of the Shark?
  23. 7/21/14 The Pen Is Mighty Med-ier Than the Sword
  24. 9/15/14 There's a Storm Coming

Trivia Edit

  • There were 2 Special One hour episodes.


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