The Silver Shield is a superhero who turned into a villain then turned back into superhero from Mighty Med.


Silver Shield was first mentioned in the Mighty Med Promo, where a nurse claimed he was flat lining. Kaz told her to give him an extra life, and Oliver said that it only works when he's in a game. Kaz remembered, and told the nurse to pump him full of argentium.

At some point, The Annihilator stole Silver Shield's superpowers, as his cannister was shown in his lair.

The Silver Shield was mentioned again in Lair, Lair. When Kaz and Oliver decided to go to The Annihilator's lair, Skylar Storm opened a space portal and trapped them so she could go contaminate The Annihilator's superpower collection. After Kaz and Oliver realized they were stranded in space, they noticed a meteor heading towards their oxygen bubble. The two then ran like a hamster in a bubble, and kept doing so to avoid another meteor. Kaz then asked for Oliver's watch, then destroyed it, while explaining that Silver Shield opened a hole in space by shooting a neutron blast through a quartz crystal.

As a result of Kaz and Oliver restoring the powers the Annihilator stole, Silver Shield turned evil and began serving the Annihilator. He and Spark Plug ambushed NeoCortex and gave him a head injury.


  • Neutron Blaster: Silver Shield opened a hole in space by shooting a neutron blast through a quartz crystal.
  • Silver Shield: Evidently, Silver Shield named himself after this piece of defensive equipment.


  • Silver Shield is married to Princess Planet.
  • He has two children with Princess Planet, the second one is Daria Planet-Shield and it is currently unknown if she has any superpowers.
  • He could be inspired by Silver Surfer from Marvel Comics.
  • He breached trough dimensions once.
  • He was turned evil by Skylar Storm, who was turned evil by the Annihilator.


Season 1

Season 2

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