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Slaughter Master
Slaugher Master
Full Name

Slaughter Master





Resides In

Mighty Max




Key Keeper VIII


Key Keeper VIII
Skylar Storm

Hair Color




First Seen

The Key to Being a Hero

Last Seen

The Mother of All Villains

Portrayed By

David Mattey

Slaughter Master is a villain in Mighty Med. He is the self proclaimed nemesis of the Key Keeper, whose dedicated his life to destroying the present Keeper of the Key of Steel.


He was mentioned in Future Tense as a villain who has fancy return address labels.

He made his first appearance in The Key to Being a Hero, when he unsuccessfully tried to destroy Kaz and Skylar, who possessed the Key of Steel.

He made his last appearance in the Series Finale, The Mother of All Villains, as one of the four villains trying to capture the Arcturion.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight - Slaughter Master can fly and uses this as his primary mode of transport.
  • Hand-To-Hand-Combat - Slaughter Master is incredibly well trained in hand-to-hand-combat, even able to beat Skylar.
  • Enhanced Strength - Although his strength is no where near superhuman, Slaughter Master is fairly strong. He was able to send Skylar crashing through the door of the Domain by hitting her with his mace(although, in fairness, Skylar had not prepared herself for the blow because she thought she had the Key of Steel, and Kaz had already broke the door with the strength he received from the Key of Steel.


  • Mace: Used to swing at his quarries.
  • Hammer of Achelon: The only weapon that can defeat the bearer of the key of steel. It is possibly a parody of Mjolnir, Thor's hammer. The Hammer of Achelon can summon lightning, at it did when Slaughter Master struck Kaz.


Season 2


  • Skylar has never heard of Slaughter Master, which explains why she had much trouble fighting him than other villains.
  • According to Kaz, Slaughter Master got Key Keeper VIII into a trap that bent his leg into a "W" and broke off his kneecap.
  • He doesn't know what "trending" means, which could hint that he is a bit old-fashioned. That hypothesis would explain why he uses a mace, which is a fairly outdated weapon.
  • He bears resemblance to a hunter due to him tracking, trapping, and attempting to kill the current Key Keeper.

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