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Sonic Shriek to Kaz, Fantasy League of Superheroes
Sonic Shriek
Full Name

Jonathan Boardman


Sonic Shriek




Skylar Storm
Captain Atomic

Eye Color


Hair Color




First Seen

Fantasy League of Superheroes

Last Seen

Fantasy League of Superheroes

Portrayed By

Marcus Gimatti

Sonic Shriek is a super villain on Mighty Med. He apeared in  "Fantasy League of Heroes".


Sonic Shriek was originally an inventor who tried to make limitless energy out of sound, but one of his inventions malfunctioned and he gained super powers. To his displeasure, he got no attention for his scientific breakthrough. After that, he vowed to destroy any momument named after an inventor, regardless how many lives were destroyed in the process. At some point he decided to destroy the Franklin bridge, however as all the superheroes were caught up in Kaz's fantasy hero League, they were all out trying to stop the same disaster, meaning there was no one left to stop him. As such Skylar Storm and Kaz were forced to try and stop him there selves. Unfortunately Sonic Shriek manage to easily defeat Skylar and imprisoned them both.

Tecton arrived to stop him, but he was interrupted when Captain Atomic also arrived, as both heroes were still to caught up in Kaz's fantasy league to think straight, they began fighting each other, allowing Sonic Shriek to capture them both. He then started the bombs count down, however Skylar managed to goad him into trying to destroy them. At the last minute she dodge, destroying the restraints freeing her and Kaz. She managed to knock down Sonic Shriek and free Tecton and Captain Atomic. Captain Atomic then flew the bomb to a safe distance, while Tecton easily defeated Sonic Shriek, before taking him away.

Powers and Abilities


  • Sonic Shriek/Sonokinesis- Sonic Shriek's only power, he can use it for a variety of effects.
    • Sonic Beam Emmision - Sonic Shriek can use his shriek, to send off a blast of pure sound and send people flying. He can also use this to kill or destroy by increasing the power.
    • Sonic Force Field - Sonic Shriek can also use his shriek to imprison others in fields of sound, which manifest around the heads of the victims


  • Inventing - When Sonic Shriek was an inventor as Jonathan Boardman, he possessed many skills in inventing machines.
  • Explosives - Sonic Shriek is skilled in using explosives.


Season 1


  • He could be a male parody of the Silver Banshee from the DC Comics.
  • He could also be a parody of Ulysses Klaw/Klaw from Marvel Comics.
  • Skylar said his only power was to scream like a four year-old

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