I'm also Quimby Fletcher.
— Oliver
“The Mother of All Villains”
Season 2, Episode 20
Air Date

September 9, 2015

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Part 1 written by Mark Jordan Legan and Vincent Brown
Part 2 written by Jim Bernstein and Andy Schwartz


Rich Correll

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The Rise of Five (Elite Force)”

The Mother of All Villains is the 20th episode in Season 2, as well as the series finale of Mighty Med. It aired on September 9, 2015. This is the final appearance of Bridget and Mort in the Elite Force Universe. This episode also leads into the premiere of Lab Rats: Elite Force.


Oliver grapples with internal conflict as he walks his mother down the aisle. Meanwhile, Kaz and Skylar struggle to protect the Arcturion from all the villains that it beckons.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast




  • This is the series finale of Mighty Med.
  • This is the third one-hour episode in Season 2 and the fifth one-hour episode in this series.
  • Alan found out about his father Optimo. It is also revealed that Hapax the Elder is Optimo's dad and Alan's grandfather, thus explaining Hapax's resemblance to Alan.
  • This episode has Horace and Bridget's wedding, but they don't get married.
  • Mr. Terror is the main antagonist of this episode, and is still at large.
    • However, the first episode of Lab Rats: Elite Force reveals that Kaz and Oliver defeated Mr. Terror after this episode, before getting in contact with Donald Davenport.  
  • Kaz and Oliver obtain superpowers in this episode upon exposure to the Arcturion. So far, they are only revealed to have the power of flight.
    • However, in Lab Rats: Elite Force, it is revealed that Kaz has fire and heat based superpowers, such as fire projection, and Oliver has water and ice based superpowers, such as hydrokinesis, as well as super strength.
  • Kaz, Oliver and Skylar find out that Mr. Terror is Oliver's Mom.
  • Philip is actually an alien from the planet Baaaaahh, but was exiled for losing the Arcturion. On a related note, it is mentioned that President Headley of Baaaaahh has the second smallest head.
  • Gamma Girl was previously lifted up into the sky along with Gray Granite and Tecton in Lab Rats vs. Mighty Med, since she made an appearance in this episode, it is no longer unknown what happened to her.
  • The wormhole transporter has been fixed, even though Adam broke it in the crossover episode.
  • During the fight for the Arcturion during the wedding, part of the scene is depicted as a football -styled confrontation, similar to the ballet performance in Ballet DANTser on ANT Farm, another show starring Jake Short.
  • Solar Flare's face is shown for the first time (without a mask).
  • Bridget shows little to no remorse regarding her plans to kill Quimby Fletcher upon Oliver's confession that he was actually Quimby Fletcher.
  • The events of this special are mentioned in the Lab Rats: Elite Force premiere, The Rise of Five.
  • When Optimo told Alan that Razor Claw would destroy him (Alan), he was trying to protect him. This is similar to how Bridget eliminated her boss, Argento to protect Oliver.
    • Evidently, Optimo and Bridget chose to handle the threats to their children in very different ways.
  • Kaz has the last line of the series: "This is awesome!" (when flying with Oliver).

Last appearance of  Horace , Alan and Gus


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"The Mother of All Villains" Season Finale Mighty Med00:25

"The Mother of All Villains" Season Finale Mighty Med

"The Mother of All Villains" Trailer Mighty Med-000:31

"The Mother of All Villains" Trailer Mighty Med-0

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Mighty Med - Safe Haven - Official Disney XD UK HD

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Mighty Med - The Mother of All Villains Clip! - Official Disney XD UK HD

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Mighty Med - The Wedding - Official Disney XD UK HD

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