• BigNeerav

    I have seen many comments in the sections of the pages, especially of "The Last Might" that there should be a Season 3 of Mighty Med. Now.....I agree......this is one of the better shows out there, in addition to "Lab Rats", "Girl Meets World", "Jessie", "Phineas and Ferb", "Austin & Ally" and "I Didn't Do It". So that would be nice that there would be  a Season 3 of this show, since the ratings are doing very well in terms of viewership.

    I have been checking the Twitter account of the creator Andy Schwartz, and I have not seen anything yet. I do check periodocally, but nothing has been announced. In fact, one of the users here on Mighty Med Wikia said that if there was a Season 3, then the cast and crew of "Mighty Med" would have been shoo…

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