I have seen many comments in the sections of the pages, especially of "The Last Might" that there should be a Season 3 of Mighty Med. Now.....I agree......this is one of the better shows out there, in addition to "Lab Rats", "Girl Meets World", "Jessie", "Phineas and Ferb", "Austin & Ally" and "I Didn't Do It". So that would be nice that there would be  a Season 3 of this show, since the ratings are doing very well in terms of viewership.

I have been checking the Twitter account of the creator Andy Schwartz, and I have not seen anything yet. I do check periodocally, but nothing has been announced. In fact, one of the users here on Mighty Med Wikia said that if there was a Season 3, then the cast and crew of "Mighty Med" would have been shooting the episodes - most likely in one of the many Hollywood Central Studios in and around the Los Angeles, California area, that Disney owns or at least, leases for use for its shows that it produced and airs on its  two channels. Nothing has been mentioned by Andy Schwartz or any of the cast members like Jake Short, Bradley Steven Perry, Paris Belec, etc... that there will be a Season 3. That being said.......why Mighty Med has not ben renewed for Season 3, or why we have not yet been told that "Mighty Med" has been renewed for Season 3 (if that has indeed happened) anyone's guess at this point. So it either is yet to be renewed, or it has been, but we have not yet been told by any of the cast and crew of "Mighty Med" such as Jake Short or Bradley Steven Perry, etc... All else is pure speculation at this point, since we just don't know what happened.

So my suggestion is that everyone take a step back and a deep breath, and let's just wait and see what happens in terms of the news about the future of the show "Mighty Med". Like you, I would like to have a Season 3, but I would rather be cautious and wait and see what happens down the road. Cheers!   

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