So i really liked lab rats elite force, and the stars of the show are amazing actors. I really like paris berlec she is so beautiful, and the way she fights is just so outstanding. and also i liked jake short, even tho he does not know how to master his powers yet, he still is an amazing actor and fighter. And then bradley steven perry he knows 

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what to do all the time and his powers of fire,heat,and missles there all grate so many thing's i can say about them. And all thoses people i loved when they played in mighty med, i wanted jake and bradley to get there powers soon'er, i think that they whould have been grate heroes. but thats just my opinon. But back to lab rats elite force, i love the show they can handle any misson so far but the last episode power play they really did not do any mission's until the last part, im so glad that paris got her 

Lab Rats And Mighty Med

powers back and that she can fight crime again. And hopefully not trun evil like she did on mighty med i hope her powers dont mess up and she gets big headed about her powers i know she wont 

tho. but anyways i think everyone is grate on and off the 

so even tho i never met them. Keep up the good work guys hopefully you get an bigger look's from other people

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