aka Brando Frangipani

  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Animation Student at ETSU, screenwriter and artist, the idea man
  • I am Male
  • OfficialBrandonF

    Gague is an upcoming character for the third season of Mighty Med.

    His actor is unknown.


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  • OfficialBrandonF

    In 2017, Disney confirmed Mighty Med for a third and final season. The air date is currently unknown, but it will be a conclusion of the series before the events of Lab Rats: Elite Force.

    Note: This season is a mini-series, and it takes place before the destruction of Mighty Med.

    Three months before the events of Lab Rats: Elite Force, Mr. Terror has been captured and put in Mighty Max. Kaz and Oliver have retrieved the Arcturion space rock and have stashed it safe from any incoming villain. However, a new villain, dubbing himself Gague, has sworn vengeance against the duo for destroying his father. Kaz and Oliver must race the clock in order to stop the evil cyborg maniac from destroying those closest to them.

    These events take place during the …

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