Mighty Med (1)


Premiere Episode

Enter the Cyborg

Premiere Date


Finale Episode

End of an Era

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Season 2


Lab Rats: Elite Force (Season 1)

In 2017, Disney confirmed Mighty Med for a third and final season. The air date is currently unknown, but it will be a conclusion of the series before the events of Lab Rats: Elite Force.


Note: This season is a mini-series, and it takes place before the destruction of Mighty Med.

Three months before the events of Lab Rats: Elite Force, Mr. Terror has been captured and put in Mighty Max. Kaz and Oliver have retrieved the Arcturion space rock and have stashed it safe from any incoming villain. However, a new villain, dubbing himself Gague, has sworn vengeance against the duo for destroying his father. Kaz and Oliver must race the clock in order to stop the evil cyborg maniac from destroying those closest to them.

These events take place during the ending events of Season 4 in Lab Rats: Bionic Island (between Lab Rats: On The Edge and The Vanishing).


  1. Enter the Cyborg (301) - 2017
  2. When a Darkness Comes (302) - 2017
  3. Bionic Superhero Team-Up (303) - 2017 (Second crossover between Mighty Med and Lab Rats)
  4. Razor Claw (304) - 2017 (Razor Claw themed episode)
  5. Mort's Story (305) - 2017 (Mort-themed episode)
  6. Evil Reckonings (306) - 2017
  7. Bass Down Low (307) - 2017 (Remix-themed episode)
  8. Tomb of a Fallen Villain (308) - 2017
  9. End of an Era (309-310) - 2017 (SERIES FINALE)


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Booboo Stewart as Roman
  • Ryan Potter as Riker
  • Eric Steinberg as Rodissiius
  • Jamie Denbo as Bridget/Mr. Terror

Special Guest Cast


  • Gague will not be a doomsday villain.
    • Instead, he will try to tear Kaz and Oliver's lives up by destroying those closest to them, even in monstrous events.
  • This season will have a TV-14 rating, as it will have a darker tone.
  • Roman, Riker, and Rodissiius will be in the 1 hour Season 3 finale.
    • Roman and Riker will exact vengeance in this special for Kaz and Oliver taking away their father's powers.
      • However, it is revealed that Gague had brainwashed them.

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