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  • PunkRocker87

    Who's excited for All That Kaz?

    I personally think it's gonna be a big Skoliver episode

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  • PunkRocker87

    Mighty Med is only airing one new episode for two months (December and January)?

    Anyways, Disney XD quiz to see how much you guys know about Disney XD

    1. Which YTV show has previously aired on Disney XD?

    2. According to, which show is the SECOND BEST on Disney XD?

    3. Which current Disney XD star has had a role in 3 different Disney XD shows?

    4. List, in alphabetical order by last name, the kids in the Bobby Wasabi dogo in season 1

    5. Name three Disney XD shows than Mighty Med to have two of its stars be on Disney channel shows.

    6. Name the Disney XD stars involved in the Pumpkin Power prank in pranksgiving

    7. Why isn't Mighty Med filmed in front of a live audience?

    8. What is Jack Brewer's catchphrase?

    9. Why does Brady leave Kinkow I…

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