One day, Oliver and Kaz are walking down the street one day when they hear Razor Claw land behind them. The boys turn around and see him. They later hear Skylar Storm land behind him. They scream in fear but then they hear her say, " There's a storm coming, Skylar Storm" Skylar attacks Razor Claw from the back then Optimo joins and helps her. Together they defeat Razor Claw who swears revenge on them both. Optimo says that he'd better get to Alan and leaves. Oliver says thanks to Skylar who smiles at him but Kaz rolls his eyes. He then says he's needed at his house and leaves. Skylar and Oliver start to look awkward, they don't talk, just smile. Then Skylar says that she'll be there whenever he needs her. Oliver just smiles back then says thank you again. Skylar smiles and steps closer. Oliver steps closer too and they try to say things to each other but they decide not to. Then Skylar kisses Oliver and they live happily ever after. The End Suckers

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