aka Ray

  • I live in 485 W 46th Street New York, NY 10036
  • I was born on December 1
  • My occupation is Super Hero, Dibble Distributor, Comic Book Designer
  • I am focused, specific, quirky
  • RazorNovaStrike

    Attention people who come across my account and care to click my blog section. I will be making blogs about other heroes from Disney shows now, but will develop them in my own way.

    The brother of Quick Guy. He has telekinesis, telepathy, and peak human intelligence. He is secretly Cody Martin from The Suite Life.

    The brother of Brain Man. He has super speed. He is secretly Zack Martin from The Suite Life.

    A sewer cleaner who was bit by a genetically enhanced rat in the sewers. He has enhanced senses and agility, and I am thinking of giving him rat-gadgets like Batman. He is secretly Woody Fink from Th Suite Life on Deck.

    An astronaut who was bestowed upon with an ancient cosmic sword composed entirely out of space lasers. He is secretly Milton Da…

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  • RazorNovaStrike

    it was the year 1969, and Violet Flame II was about to turn 16 years old on Tuesday, and she was extra nervous. She wasn't ready to take up the responsibility of becoming a young adult, and being mature. While at Piero's Sandwich Shop, Violet got a text from her mother saying to meet her at the old abandoned power station, and to come alone. Violet came, and felt alone. It was dark, wet, and quiet. When she stepped forward, the lights flared on, and Violet saw a hooded council preparing a sacred torch. The hooded people unveiled themselves as superheroes, and the final one revealed herself as Solar Flare, the legendary fire-themed superhero. Violet was confused, as she noticed that Solar Flare was her mother. She felt scared, but then t…

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  • RazorNovaStrike

    Dr. Frank Russell just came back from his honeymoon with his new wife Dr. Colleen Mackenzie, and was back in his superhero game. He came back to Mighty Med to retrieve some files, when he was requested for a small operation. Recently, Robo-Cannon was in a battle with Megahertz at the old abandoned power station. Robo-Cannon's cannon picked up some malware, and his cannon was unable to protrude. Frank fixed it, and realized that he could do this for a gig, instead of supplying superheroes with weapons. Frank was offered many jobs, but he didn't feel good about any one of them. When reading the newspaper, Frank noticed a job opening at Davenport Industries, a scientific enterprise founded by Donald Davenport, a famous well-known billionaire. …

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  • RazorNovaStrike

    It was an average day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The sun shone bright on a beautiful July day, and the two friends Kaz and Oliver were relaxing at The Domain. Little did they know, a criminal pursuit was in progress. Down at the Communal Railway, Dreadlock was trying to sabotage the locomotive. Luckily, the Dark Warrior showed up just in time. The two instantly engaged in intimidating dialog.

    • Dreadlock: Ah, Dark Warrior! It's about time you showed up!
    • Dark Warrior: End of the line, locks! I'm here to foil your wicked plan!
    • Dreadlock: Oh dear, you have no idea... BOB! ACTIVATE THE LOCO-MOTIVE!
    • Bob: Sure thing, Mr. Lock!

    (Bob pulls throttle)

    • Dark Warrior: Well, it's just a locomotive, I've stopped things like that before.
    • Dread Lock: Oh really, have y…
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  • RazorNovaStrike

    It was another day at the Logan High Science Lab, and Kaz and Oliver walked in after a long night at Mighty Med (location). After treating Brain Matter with partial lobotomy, the two friends forgot to do their homework. When the class sat down, the principal announced that they will have a substitute today, Dr. Frank Russell. Kaz and Oliver recognized that name from Mighty Med's superhero files; their substitute teacher was Brain Matter! When Dr. Russell was checking for homework, he recognized Kaz and Oliver and let them off the hook, for treating him. As Dr. Russell started writing notes on the whiteboard, Kaz noticed a blue wart on the back of his hand, with color similar to him when he was a beast. Kaz and Oliver took Dr. Russell out …

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