Attention people who come across my account and care to click my blog section. I will be making blogs about other heroes from Disney shows now, but will develop them in my own way.


Brain Man and Quick Guy

Brain Man

The brother of Quick Guy. He has telekinesis, telepathy, and peak human intelligence. He is secretly Cody Martin from The Suite Life.

Quick Guy

The brother of Brain Man. He has super speed. He is secretly Zack Martin from The Suite Life.

Rat Man

A sewer cleaner who was bit by a genetically enhanced rat in the sewers. He has enhanced senses and agility, and I am thinking of giving him rat-gadgets like Batman. He is secretly Woody Fink from Th Suite Life on Deck.

The Laser Blade

An astronaut who was bestowed upon with an ancient cosmic sword composed entirely out of space lasers. He is secretly Milton David Krupnick from Kickin' It.

Captain Stretchy

I am not sure of his origin yet. He has elasticity, agility, flexibility, and can shape himself. He is from Good Luck Charlie.


Quarter man, quarter bat, half machine, all hero. He can fly, shoot a sonic scream, modulate his voice, combat, and telescopic vision.


An alien who defends The Emerald Nebula, who wears a green hood.

Bionic Boy

An alternate reality Chase Davenport whose family was killed when Victor Krane sunk the United States. During his final fight with Krane, Chase's face was severely burned, and his bionic chip was glitched so it could not heal. Chase cracked his father's studies and traveled to this reality to put an end to the wicked.



The Revengers

Mentioned in Liv and Maddie, a team who battles a villain named Photon. I will add members I choose to this team.


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