it was the year 1969, and Violet Flame II was about to turn 16 years old on Tuesday, and she was extra nervous. She wasn't ready to take up the responsibility of becoming a young adult, and being mature. While at Piero's Sandwich Shop, Violet got a text from her mother saying to meet her at the old abandoned power station, and to come alone. Violet came, and felt alone. It was dark, wet, and quiet. When she stepped forward, the lights flared on, and Violet saw a hooded council preparing a sacred torch. The hooded people unveiled themselves as superheroes, and the final one revealed herself as Solar Flare, the legendary fire-themed superhero. Violet was confused, as she noticed that Solar Flare was her mother. She felt scared, but then the council explained. The super villain Catastrophe was recently draining superhero's powers, and Solar Flare was worried about being next. Violet had a hard time dealing with her mother lying to her all those years, but she kept listening. Solar Flare decided to retire, and let her daughter carry on her legacy. Violet was asked to take upon the mantle of Solar Flare, and have the Torch passed down. Violet agreed, but only if her mother agreed to stop lying. Solar Flare raised the Torch, and transferred her powers into it. Violet picked up the Torch, and absorbed the Torch's energy. Then, Violet's cells altered, allowing her to gain fire powers. The fire engulfed her, clothing her in a new costume, similar to her mother's. Violet was then given a League of Heroes Communicator, and it alerted her that Megahertz was robbing the Philadelphia Trust Bank, and she teleported off to her first mission as a superhero.

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