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  • Thefangirl50

    Jealousy Chapter 2

    January 8, 2016 by Thefangirl50

    Skylar's POV

    It couldn't be eraser to spot my friends in the crowd of basics. Mostly because Oliver has Nasty scars all over him, which get even more horrifying as I run closer to him.

    "Hi." I say with a smile, even though smiling is for those stupid middle school kids that I am forced to be around. Apparently Oliver is e only person who noticed I was there, because he planted a kiss on my lips, then he winced a bit, because his lips were bleeding.

    "You don't have to kiss me, I can see your in pain."

    "No, I, I'm not. I-I-it's just the cold." Normal girlfriends get upset when their boyfriend lies, but I find it adorable.

    "ok lovebirds, can the mush stop, we're in PUBLIC here." Someone said (sounded like Kaz) but Oliver just wrapped is arm around…

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  • Thefangirl50

    Jealousy chapter 1.

    October 26, 2015 by Thefangirl50

    Skylar's POV

    I was getting ready for school, when an incredibly annoying child perked around at my door.

    "Do you have plans after school?" Mickie asked as she poked her head in.

    "No, why do you care?"

    "I'm going to A new Yoga class after school, and Alan refused to go with me. He says that 'exercise that isn't walking to get food means nothing to him' and I don't want to go alone."

    "Why not go with one of your friends? You have a ton." I didn't want to admit it, but I want a few girlfriends to hang out with. I always have to be one of the guys. All my friends are male. Well, I guess that's not entirely true, but then again, I wouldn't consider Jordan my friend.

    "I'm meeting them there, but if I walk alone, I could get kidnaped."

    "You know what, …

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  • Thefangirl50


    October 26, 2015 by Thefangirl50


    Mackenzie Lola Rameirez-Diaz. A unique name on the perfect girl. 13 years young and strikingly beautiful. Talent in music and theater. Nice personality. Well loved and respected by everyone. Envied by Skylar Storm.

    I think I'll do this story, and then I'll get started on this is power

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  • Thefangirl50

    New story???

    October 4, 2015 by Thefangirl50

    This is power (I come up with the most cliché Titles, but oh well)

    Having power over even one person is a big responsibility. Having power is something that most people take seriously. Having power is dangerous, especially if the person in power is Rachel Diaz.

    Rachel Diaz is Alan's mother. 34 years old (19, then 22, then 25 in this story, as it takes place in 1999-2002-2005) Very young. Very wild. Never laid a hand on her little son, yet somehow turns him into a monster because of her words. And turns to evil ways.

    I'd love some more feedback. Feel free to comment your opinion (I don't bite)

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  • Thefangirl50

    Kaz: Patches things up with Oliver and the rest of his friends. And begins to take things more seriously

    Tori: You'll learn more about Tori's eating disorder in a future story.

    Mickie: Has everything going for her. But you'll see her dangerous fate in jealousy (a story I have planned)

    Skylar: Develops a more abrasive personality, and begins to date Oliver

    Oliver: Will always have the cuts on his wrist. But that's something he embraces. And also learns something

    That suicide is not the answer.

    It's finally done. Don't worry, a new story is coming up.

    Well bye for now

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