I made a little thing about my OC's a while ago, but I thought of some more, so here they are. Not all of them are from not the answer,some will only be in my next story ( which, in case you wanted to know, will be called the the night that made him.) or some one-shots. Here are the OC's and a little note on them

-Mickie Ramirez(very important to not the answer. Aka Starshadow. Has powers)

-Tori Harlowe(very important to not the answer. Has bulimia. Oliver's sister)

-Zack ( no last name. Somewhat important to not the answer. Is 11 years old)

-Kaylee Pemoray (not that important to not the answer. Kaz's sister)

-Austin (important to not the answer. Is from caldera. One of Skylars formor roommates)

-Sabrina(important to not the answer. From caldera. Austen's roommate)

-Zoey(not important to not the answer. Friend of Tori, Mickie, Kaylee, and Lisa)

-Lisa(not important to not the answer. Has a lisp and other speech impairment)

-Rachel Diaz. (Important to The night that made him. Alan's mom. Villain)

-Ethan (Somewhat important to not the answer. Bully)

-Caroline Andrews( will be In A one shot. Jordan's older sister)

-Jessica Ramirez ( one chapter in not the answer. Mickie's mother)

-Alice (From the planet starlight,where people like Mickie or spark come from)

Nightstrike will be the main villain in all stories except for the night that made him, and not in funny one shots. Mickie is the only OC to appear in all stories. Most are ooc, as Oliver will be clinicly depressed (only in like two or three though) Kaz will be much more intelligent, Skylar will be more mean, Alan will be nice (because I feel that he gets the least amount of attention in fanfictions, and he's one of my favorites. And I don't think he's an antagonist) and if I choose to include Gus, he will only make silent cameos (because he just makes everything awkward)

You can find me...

Twitter @fangirlxt

Wattpad @thefangirl50


Not on because when I tried to make an account there it did not except my password

Bye for now :)

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