I created some characters for my fanfiction. Along with the existing characters, I made up a few extras. Here is a list.

Kaylee Pelimore. Kaz's younger sister. She is thirteen and in seventh grade. She has a passion for filmmaking, and has a junior company called junior studios. She is known for her love of pie and her loyalty to her four best friends. She is an excellent student, and loves history. She loves to dance, and also likes watching dance. She is the only character who really cares about grades

Tori Harlowe. Oliver's sister. She is thirteen and is best friends with Kaylee. She loves makeup and is the makeup artist at junior studios. She loves her brother very much, as he was the only person she trusted in her family. She is not the best student, so she ignores her schoolwork. She loves watching Kaylee and her two siblings dance, and is a former dancer. She has a little crush on Kaz. She has Bulimia.

Micki Ramirez. A young actress at junior studios. She is a huge fan of the fault in our stars. She is part of Kaylee's "Team" (the workers at junior studios). She lived in New York until she turned 10, then she moved to PA. It was revealed her father passed away when she was 9 months old, in 9/11. She was in 5 of Kaylees mini movies. Her real name is Mackenzie Ramirez.

Other characters include Ethen, Zoey, Lisa, Austin and Sabrina Storm, and Zack. They do not have backgrounds yet

Also quick note. The last names are fake and Pelimore is pronounced Pemore (the l is silent)

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