Mickie's POV (Again)

Skyzone was a blast! We took a ton of selfies and posted them on Schoolbird. We got tons of likes. I remembered I had to go to that little meeting. I told my mom that I was going to see Tori and her brother at the hospital, because He overdosed, And I'm pretty sure Tori needed support. Of course, I felt bad that I wasn't going to see her, but I will see her after I talk to Alan. I head over there, and I don't see Tori. Maybe she's with her brother. I head into the janitor's closet, and I solve a puzzle. I enter, and It seems pretty calm. That's good. I thought I was being pranked, but then Alan and a girl in a super hero costume walk up to me. "What did you want to talk to me about?" I ask. "We want to show you this." The girl says, showing mea tube with a video on it. I see my mom, a baby, and a man, and there is craziness. "Who is the man, and who is the baby?" I ask. "The baby is you, and the man is your dad. He's not dead. It's a cover up." Alan explains. "So, that's my Dad? Where is he? I want to see him!" I exclaim. "I'll go get him." The girl says. She walks away, and returns with the man from the video. "Who is she? Is she a normo?" He shouts. "No, she's your daughter. I know this is confusing, but watch this." Alan says. They show the man the video. "I have a child?" He asks softly. "Yes, her name is Mackenzie, but she prefers to be called Mickie. And this is her." The girl says. He looks at me. "I have a child." He says again. "We get it, you have a child. Can we just hug, like they do in the movies?" I say. We hug. "What powers do you have?" He asks me. I wave my hands like a rainbow, making stars appear. I clap, and the stars explode. "Not very impressive." The girl says. "I thought it was amazing. Really nice." The man-My dad says. I know he was encouraging me. He seems like a good person, and I hope he's a good dad

This chapter is obnoxiously short. Everyone in tho comments is gonna be like "Horace doesn't have kids" but need I remind you he earaced his memory. He didn't know she existed. And Mickie is now Mickie Ramirez-Diaz

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