I owe you guys an explanation. I said I was gonna write a fanfiction, but storms end aired, so it won't work. Here's a new one:

Skylars POV

WHACK! Someone hit me really hard in the face, what's going on?! I fell asleep a few hours ago. It was 10:00 at night! Someone must be capturing me. You would think I'd be freaking out, but this is something I'm used to. But why did they attack me in my sleep? Whoever it was put a dark piece of fabric ofer my eyes -A blindfold, obviously- And dragged me outside. I don't even bother putting up a fight. I have had such a hard time, what with being evil and everything, I'm ready to just be put out of my misery and die. As soon as we're outside the person (I think it's a guy) shoved me to the ground. Wow, that hurt. Yes, it's a guy. He then grasped my throat and started strangling me. I could feel my face getting hot. I can't breath. So This is what death feels like. It'll all be over soon, because I'll be dead in a few minutes. BOOM! Someone had fired a weapon. But not at me. At my attacker. My life was saved. By who? The person who saved my holds me up. Another guy. He hugged me a little bit. He feels familier. I recognize his embrace. But after he untied the blindfold, I know who saved me.

It's Oliver.

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