Oliver's POV "Oliver?" Skylar quietly whispered. A villan attacked her while she was asleep. But I don't recognize him. But he did look a little like Ahnihilator, but not exactly. Skylar went out, kinda sleeping. I can't take her back to Mighty Med. if I do this villan is gonna come back there and destroy her. Instead, I'm taking her to my house, no one would think to look there. so I just swung my arm around her knees and lifted her up. She snuggled her face into my shoulder. This is probably the closest I'm gonna get, to having the great love of my life. After carrying her for ten minutes,(and my arms arms feel like they're about to fall off) we reach my backyard. It's not gonna be hard getting her inside. my room is on the first story. I had to shove her through the window, because if I wake up my parents, I'm dead. after getting in with Skylar, I just threw her on the bed and went to get her an icepack. I crept down the hall and ducked into the kitchen. "Ollie?" asked a small voice. oh Crap! but it's just my annoying sister Tori. "oh, um, hey tor." I stammered. "why are you in the kitchen at 12:00 AM?" she said, sounding upset. "I got thirsty." I replied. "Kay, well you woke me up." she said. "Don't count on getting a good word from me when Mom and Dad see your awake." I said. "your up to something Ollie, and I'm gonna find out." she said. "Good luck with that, and stop calling Me Ollie!" I spat. "I like torturing you." she said. but something in her eyes say she just loves me.

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