Skylars POV

Sitting in the closet, and trying to not get worried, I sat in pain on the floor. My lip was cut, and my arms and legs have bruises everywhere. After Oliver went to investigate what was going on, I heard a man scream at him and a little girl-probably his sister- And pull them out a sliding door. Somthing scared me that Oliver was getting hurt. And he just limped in. "Oh my God are you okay?" I asked franticly. He gasped, then said "yeah just-" another gasp. "Tired." He's lying. He's in pain. I can see it. "No your limping. And you look worse than I do. What happened to you?" I said. "I,I,I, can't tell you." he tried, but its hard to understand what he's saying, he's in tears. He started to collapse, but thank God he landed on the bed. "Oliver, I've never seen you in so much pain. What happened?" I asked. "I can't tell you." He said. "Why? If you can't tell me who are you gonna tell?" I asked, but now I realize how mean I sound. "I'm so sorry. But I just care so much about you." I apologized. "No don't appologize. Fine, just take a look." He said, gesturing toward his back. This felt wierd, but slowly I look under he's shirt, and three bright red stripes were on his back. Oh my god, someone beat him up! "Who did that to you?!" I almost screamed. "It was my-" he started, but got cut off by a preteen girl with glasses. "Dad, it was our Dad." The preteen girl said. Child abuse?! It was child abuse?! "Who are you?" I asked the girl. "I'm Tori, his sister. And he got beat by our dad." She told me. After a bunch of questions, I found out a lot of information about what happened. What he got beat with (a belt), why he got hit (they made noise), how long this has been going on (8 years!), where was their mom (their parents are divorced), dose Tori get hit (yes), and does anyone know (one girl named Micki, but she swore to keep it secret). But now I will make sure that both of them get out of there and someplace safe.

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