Tori's POV

Seriously, You look awful. What the Hell happened to you?" Kaylee asked me as we got on the school bus. We sat around the middle seats. "Look, you know what happened to my brother last night. You know he and I Are really close. I might have done something stupid." I reply. "What did you did?" Kaylee asks. I was about to answer, but the person behind me kept punching the seat. "STOP PUNCHING THE FREAKING SEAT DON'T YOU HAVE ANY DAMN MANERS!" I shout. "Victoria AnnaJane Harlowe! What is with you today?!" Kaylee whisper-shouts. I ignore her and wait til I get home. Once I do, I don't even say bye to Kaylee. Why did I decide to get drunk? Nobody is home except for Oliver, which is good, because he is the only person I want to talk to right now. I go into my room-which Isn't clean or neat at all but Whatever- and take the first aid kit I've been hiding. I look into the big mirror on my closet. I am chubby with large feet, A round nose, squishy face, and short dirty blonde hair that has began to fall out. I am really unattractive, but whatever. I walk into Oliver's room, because he can't open it himself. He is sleeping, but something is different. There is a girl in his bed! Is he having Sex? No, he can't. He's 15! "OH MY GOD, OLIVER WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!" I scream, waking them both up. "Uh, uh, uh, I was just leaving!" The girl- it's his friend Connie- Shouts before running out, forgetting her shoes. "What was that for? We weren't having sex!" Oliver insists. "Sorry, but I need to show you something. "Whatever it is, it better be worth sending Sk-Connie out the door." Sk? Eh, whatver, that part doesn't matter. I lift up my shirt, showing the scar on my stomach, and that Oliver isn't the only Harlowe who cuts.

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