Oliver's POV

Tori showed me a red X on her stomach. How did she get that? "Did Dad give you that?" I ask. If he did, I will kill him. I mean it. I still have the meat cleaver. "No, I did it myself. You think life was hard for you, I Get beat up way more than you. And I happen to be fat and ugly. You think you have problems? I have to hide my-" she stopped and gasped. "What?" I ask. "No, i,i,it doesn't matter!" Tori stammers. "Come on, we've been siblings for 13 years. We were close for all those 13 years. Can't you tell me what you hide?" I attempt to convince her with that. She sighs. "Okay, I might as well tell you now. I have more secrets then you think. One is that I have Bulimia, which you knew. Another is that I have body dis morphia disorder,Which means body image issues. And the last secret is that, well you see, I got drunk last night on Dads beer." She confesses. "Drunk, I didn't think you were that stupid! What were you thinking!" I shout. "Hey, I am not stupid. And I wouldn't have chose to do it if you hadn't tried to commit Suicide! It's your own fault!" She shouts back. Oh my God I get it! I'm the worst person ever because of a little mistake. I have had enough of this. I quickly raise up my hand and slap her across the face, before realizing what I had done. She stares at me in shock. "I-I-I am so sorry, I didn't know why I did that. I was angry, but that's no excuse. I am so so so sorry I can't belive I just hit you when all I ever wanted to do was keep you from getting hit." I stammer. What she does surprises me. She hugged me. "It's fine. I don't care if you hit me, as long as you still love me, You could beat the crap out of me and I wouldn't care-just as long as you still gave me love." She says. We spend a few hours talking, and things go simple, until I put my hand on a bruise On her arm. "When did you get that one?" I ask. "That one? I don't even remember." She says. "Seriously, it's gotten to that point?" I ask angrily. Tori signs,before saying "I think it's time we call the police."

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