Oliver's POV

I woke up. The medication I need to take makes me so tired I could fall asleep anywhere. This time it was on the floor by my bed. "Hi." Whispered a familiar voice. "Mom? What are you doing here?" I ask. "Victoria Called me, and I called police." She answers. Wait why would she get the police involved? Now I might have to go live in her tiny apartment. I hear the sounds of grunting coming from outside. I look, and see my father struggling to get out of a pair of handcuffs. "Dear Lord, How have I never seen these scars?" My mom Asks. But I know the answer to that. There is a medication at Mighty Med that hides any mark on your skin. We use it to make the heroes look tougher, so that the comics are more interesting. Around the time I started to work there, I stole a packet and swallowed made it so nobody saw my scars unless I told them about where I got them. That's when people can see it. I also slipped some into A water bottle that Tori drank. Yes-I did drug her, but it wasn't to harm her, it was to help her. But if we tell people about our secret, as if by magic, They can see the marks. Apparently my mom can see them, Skylar can see them, and Mickie can see them. Nobody else knows though. It's still our little secret. At least, it is For now.

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