Oliver's POV

  • one week later*

I held Skylar's hand, as we walked into school. It took exactly 2.4 seconds for the whispers, pointing, laughing, and snip its if gossip to fill the hallways.

"Look what came crawling back"

"He tried to end his own life. He should try again-hopefully he'll die next time" that one hurt the most. What-did they want me to die?

"Ignore them. Their comments mean nothing." Skylar whispers. Of course they don't, but out of every villain I've ever seen-high schoolers are as evil as it gets.

"Scrub harder! We can't let him see that!" I heard a voice shout. It was Jordan. Skylar and I walk to the shouting, which is at my locker. I wonder why she is making Alan and Gus wipe my locker clean with paper towels, until I see it. Some rotten kid had wrote "DRUGGIE!" On my locker. Jordan, Gus, and Alan stop, and look at me.

"I, I can explain. It wasn't us."

"Somebody is a good artist." Was the only thing I said before going to class. Even I had no idea what I said. Class was class after class after class. Then it was lunch. Me, Skylar, Alan, Gus and Jordan sit together, until the unexpected placed his tray on our table.

"Can I sit?" Kaz asked.

"Uh, Okay." Alan said, not sounding sure. Kaz sat down next to me.

"How's everybody doing? It's been a while." Kaz nervously says.

"You know what happened." Skylar says, narrowing her eyes at Kaz.

Kaz look toward me, and whispered "I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?"

"You know what, I do. But don't ditch me again." I say.

"I promise. Never again." Kaz says.

And everything is finally becoming normal.

And life was better

Or so I thought, as the doors of Mighty Med burst open.

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