Oliver's POV

I wanted to scream. Kaz, my best friend was smoking a cigarette. Why? Why did he have to smoke? "Oh my god, what's He doing?" Alan asked. "Smoking a cigarette, you idiot!" I blurted out. "Hey don't yell at him, it's not his fault." Jordan said. Why was she defending him? We all walked over. "What are you doing?" Skylar asked. "Go away." Stephanie said. "Shut up, I was NOT talking to you!" Skylar shouted. "Whoa, calm down. Wanna smoke?" Ethan said, holding out the cigarette box to Skylar. "No, I do not want to put those pieces of crap in my mouth! Kaz, wake up and Look at all the trouble you made." Skylar shouted in a panicked tone. "Oliver, can we talk?" Kaz asked. We walked off. "Kaz, what happened? Why are you hanging out with her? I asked. "And why did you tell her about Skylar?" "I didn't say anything to her about Skylar." Kaz said. "I saw what she posted. Don't lie." I said. "Stephanie didn't post that. I went on her page and posted that myself." Kaz said. " oh my god, I'm gonna kill you!" I shouted. I looked over his shoulder. Ethan had blown cigarette smoke in skylars face. I snatched kaz's cigarette from his hand. I was about to stomp on it, but somebody screamed "Oliver! What do you think your doing!" It was my dad.

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