Oliver's POV

I sat on the couch in a fatal position. God, I was in pain. I was in the living room. Three of Tori's friends left, but Mickie's mom didn't come get her yet. So she was still here. I had two bruises on my face, a black eye, and a cut on my lip. Screw you, Dad. I walk into the kitchen to get ice, when a I realize a drawer is open. I look in it, and I notice a meat cleaver. Very carefully, I pick it up and stare at it. My life truly sucks. I have no reason to stay alive, Do I? I drag the cleaver across my wrist a few times, resulting in three, perfectly aligned cuts across each other. I hear a knock and Tori and Mickie walking down the stairs. Oh yeah. I have one reason to not kill myself. And it's Tori. I imagine what would happen to her if I commit sucide. She would probably continue purging everything she eats, and possibly die from it. I still want to kill myself. Does that make me a terrible brother? I look at the door. "Mom, can Tori come to Zack's Soccer game on Friday." Who is Zack? I notice a kid, probably a little younger than Tori, standing next to Jessica, who is Mickie's mother. Jessica is an attractive woman, With the same big eyes as Mickie. Mickie is also really pretty. Oh. Maybe that's why Tori has an eating disorder. Because all four of her friends are prettier than her. I rush upstairs with the cleaver. I run into my room and slam the door. I decide to cut my wrist a few more times

From this point forward, lyrics to the song Her Last Words will be placed in bold to where they fit in with the storyline. No particular order. Please note that although they say girl, her, and she, this story is about a BOY. That's just how the song goes

Summer came by, all she wore was long sleeves, because those cuts on her wrists, were bleeding through you see.

I changed into a long sleeve shirt, even though It's July. I couldn't risk people seeing the cuts. I could barely decide wether to continue life or not. I got a piece of paper and a pencil. I drew a line and wrote "Pros and cons of life"


Physically abused

Sister has bulimia

Betrayed by friends




God, I hate my life. Hopefully it will end.

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