Tori's POV (bet that's a shock)

I was texting Mickie. She showed me Her cousin Zack's Soccer jersey. It said his team number, and his last name, which I never knew was "Diaz". My phone battery was getting low, so I went into Oliver's room to borrow his charger. I knock. No answer. I knock again. No answer. He must be asleep. I open the door quietly, but when I see why he didn't open the door, I'm to stunned to think. Oliver was laying across his bed, with a spilled bottle of pills next time him, and a note taped to his wrist. I almost passed out. I turn on my phone and dial 911. "911, what is your emergancy?" "I need paramedics! My brother attempted suicide with an overdose of pills!" I shout "Is he breathing?" The voice asks. I check his chest. Thank God, he is breathing. "Yes, but slowly." "What is your Location?" "49 West brooke road." I explain. "Help is on the way." "Thank you." I say before I hang up. My Dad stumbles in, drunk and high. "What is going on here!" He shouts at me. "Oliver tried to kill himself. I called 911." I say. He doesn't reply. I turn around and use my last battery percentage to call my mom, and tell her what happened. She said she'll drive over as soon as she can. She only lives in New Jersey. After 10 minutes, the paramedics arrive. They strap Oliver to a gurney and send him into an ambulance. I ride in the back, my dad says he'll stay behind. He's just scared the doctors will smell alcohol on him. I hold Oliver's hand, praying to God he will survive. After we go to memorial hospital, I sit in a waiting room, while Oliver is admitted into the ICU. After 30 minutes of crying, my mom shows up. She sits next to me. "Victoria, how's Oliver doing?" She asks. "I don't know. I think he's getting his stomach pumped." I explain. The worried look on my mother's face is unsettling. After even MORE waiting, a doctor calls for my mom. "Bridget Harlowe?" My mom walks up to the doctor. When she returns, something feels good. She is smiling. "Well?" I ask. "It was a success. He's alive. They're putting him in a recovery room. He'll be here until tomorrow night." My mom explains. I am so relived. I realized I grabbed Oliver's phone before we left. He might want it later. I was relived. So, so relived. I took off my glasses. I didn't want to wear them. I feel peace. Sweet, sweet, peace.

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