Mickie's POV

My mom was driving me, Kaylee, Zoey, and Lisa to the skyzone, which is a trampoline park. We weren't going for any good reason, we just wanted to be immature. We were listening to my playlist when I got a text. I read it. It was a locked number.

1+ (123) 456-789: Is this Mackenzie Ramirez?

Me: Who is this?

1+ (123) 456-789: Relax. It's Alan Diaz. I'm Oliver Harlowe's friend.

I knew him. Wait, why is his last name the Same as my cousins?

Me: oh. Hi

Alan: Are you busy?

Me: I'm way too young to go out with you. And fyi that makes you a perv

Alan: Ew. No I have important information. You know how your dad is "dead"

Me: why is that important?

Alan:He's not dead

Me: I hate pranks. My dad died in 9/11. I know he's gone. And this is getting personal.

Alan: Come on. I swear to God he's alive. And I know this because I read the information in mighty med.

Me: how do you know about mighty med?

Alan: Because my uncle is a doctor there. You have exploding star powers. Your dad is named Horace Diaz. And your my cousin.

Me: My dad is Carl Ramirez. And we are not cousins.

Alan: Look, this is crazy, but I think we should talk about this is mighty med. Go there. I'm there.

Me: fine. I'll "see you in mighty med"

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