Oliver's POV.

I wake up slowly, with every part of me feeling weak. I realize I'm in the hospital. I forget everything, then I remember everything. I attempted suicide. And somehow I survived. God, why couldn't they just let me die? Why did they save me? Ugh. Tori and my mom walk over to me, each on a different side of the hospital bed. My mom cannot even look straight at me. She wasn't crying, but she was fighting back a few tears. Tori, on the other hand, was a crying wreak. Her makeup was dripping, her eyes were red and puffy, I thought she was about to pass out. "Hi" I croak. Tori burst out into a wreak. My mom pulls up the spinning doctor stool. "Care to explain why you attempted to end your own life?" My mother asks, seemingly annoyed. "I felt like everything sucked." I croak. "That's no excuse. That was a stupid idea. Do you know how many people care so much about you? And you still thought dying was the answer? It's not the answer." Tori shouts, finally taking a break from her tears. I looked at her in shock, and so does my mom. I'd never seen her so upset. "Sorry. Can I got to sleep?" I ask. I was exhausted. "Go ahead. I'll wake you up in a few hours." My mom says calmly. "Why are you waking me up?" I ask. "Well you need to- Actually, I'll tell you later, you just sleep now. " my mom assures me. "Oh. Okay." I say. I drift of to sleep. This time, I actually want to wake up, eventually

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