Kaz's POV

"You idiot! The plan was to make him vulnerable, then I get the pleasure of killing him! NOT for him to kill himself!" Nightstrike screamed at me. "I didn't know what went wrong. I thought ditching him would make him just sad enough to weaken him. I don't know what else was going on." I explain. "Well thanks to your dumb mistake, I don't get to kill him. So I guess I'll have to kill you instead!" He shouts. "Wait, I think he survived. I'll go get him." I stammer before rushing out of the small hideout. I was confused. It was buzzing around online that Oliver Harlowe, my best friend, tried to commit suicide. I walk around, until I make it into the closet of memorial. I enter mighty med, and everyone is staring down at me. I slowly walk through, ignoring the things people whisper. I walk until I get to the rec room, and sit down on the small couch. I felt like crying, terrified for the life of my best friend. I had only heard he survived, I wasn't 100% sure he lived. I felt terrible for the smoking, terrible for ditching him, terrible for everything. My phone buzzes, which means I got a text. I read it. It's from Stephanie.

Stephanie: Guess who got a Flask! Wanna drink them with me and Ethan?

Me: Are you that inconsiderate? My best friend attempted suicide and all you care about is a freaking flask?

Stephanie: Who cares about Oliver? He had it coming. Stop being lame and come drink with us.

Me: No. I already got grounded for three weeks for the cigarettes. I'm not getting in more trouble

Stephanie: Whatever. Your a freak, and everyone hates you

Me: I know.

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