Oliver's POV

The next day

I woke up from a nap I took at 7:30 PM. "Please get in the shower, you smell like the boys locker room at my school. Don't ask how I know what that smells like." Tori says, pinching her nose. So I got up, then fell right on my face. My mom-being worried-Freaked out and helped me up. "I can do it myself." I say, breaking out of her grip. There's a bathroom with a shower in the hospital room, so I go in there. I take a quick shower, although I wouldn't say shower, more like standing in cold water for 25 seconds, then getting out. I throw on warm, soft clothes, which feels very nice. I walk out, and Tori is standing by the door, while my mom is unfolding a wheelchair. "Why do I need that? I can walk." I say. "You had your stomach pumped yesterday. I'm surprised you were able to walk to the bathroom. Sit." My mom says. I just sit down, and she pushes me to her car. I step into the backseat and buckle in. Tori gets in the front seat. My mom gives the wheelchair back to a nurse and gets in the drivers seat. She starts driving. Tori turns her head from the front seat and looks at me. "I'm glad your not dead." She says. I smile. I stare out the window, eager to get out and go home. After 10 minutes, my mom slowly pulls into the driveway of the house. We all walk into the house. "I should get back to New Jersey. Can you tell your father everything went well?" My mom asks. "Sure, I'll tell him. Bye mom." Tori says, giving her a quick hug before running down to the basement. My mom tries to hug me, but I'm really not in the mood for hugs. She leaves. I walk upstairs, go in my room, crawl into bad, then drift off to sleep.

Filler chapter, but it falls into place good.

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