Skylar's POV

I wander through the melted snow, crushing it under my feet. I decided to skip school, I wanted to apologize to Oliver for being so hard on him. The snow reminds me of two nights ago. Very cold night. I remember the pounding sounds, the pain of the smacks, the numb feeling from the snow, the feeling of falling asleep in Oliver's arms, the laying together, the talking, the hugging, and the kiss. The kiss. I remember feeling love for him, then just a few hours later, feeling nothing but hate, then just feeling, well, nothing. I just feel a combination of sorrow, pity, sadness, anger, fear, and relief. I didn't understand why he attempted, aside from my distance from him, probably the fact nobody else wanted to talk to him, and possibly bad things at home. I didn't know he had terrible things in his life. Sure, I did, but not like him. His house is not even a 10 minute walk from the hospital, but it took me at least half an hour to get there, because I was slow. After walking up to the house, I hold up my fist to knock, but the door is pulled open, and a younger girl with a backpack and messy dirty blonde hair is standing at the door. She seems startled to see me. "Why are you here?" She asks, taking breaths. "Oh, your Tara, aren't you?" I ask back. "It's Tori, dumbo. What do you want?" She says. "Is your brother home?" I ask, although I know he probably is. "Yeah, but he probably wants to be alone." Tori explains.. "Tori. Weth go, we half thcool." Says a smaller girl, clearly talking with a lisp, walking up to the steps. "Coming Lisa!" Tori shouts. I just shrug, and go inside, before stopping at Oliver's room. Get ready Skylar, this is reality.

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