Oliver's POV

I was simply laying down. I was extremely tired, and I wasn't going to school. I was excused for a week, and it's nice. Except for the anti-depressants, and next week I need to go to see a therapist, which sucks.

Knock knock

"Who is it?" I croak. "It's Skylar." The person says. Oh God, Skylar's here? But I'm a mess. Oh well, if she doesn't like messed up me, she doesn't like me. "Oh. Come in." I croak again, finding it hard to speak. She slowly opens the door. "Hi." She softly whispers. "Hi Skylar." I softly say, with a small smile. She slowly walks towards the bed. "You can lay down, if you want to." I say. "Oh, okay." She says, then quickly pulling her shoes off, then lays next to me. I stare at her. "Remember the last time we laid here together?" I ask. "Yeah, it was not long ago. I remember thinking you were sort of like 'my hero' or something cliche like that." She says with a light laugh. I look into her eyes. She is the most stunning girl I've ever seen. I can't believe I wanted to leave her. Stupid choice. "And I remember we-" she started, but was cut off when I pressed my lips to hers. She instantly kisses back. This goes on for about 3 minutes, before we slowly pull away. "That, was, Amazing. Your a good kisser." Skylar says, with a giggle. We just continue to kiss and pull apart. Then, she buries her head into my chest. "I love you." She says muffled. I wrap my arms around her head. "I love you too." I say. I slowly caress the back of her head, never wanting to let go of her. Ever.

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