The next morning

Skylars POV

I woke up and quietly walked over to Oliver's desk. I found a piece of blank paper and wrote a note. It said "had to go back to Mighty Med. Call me whenever. -sky" And got out the window. I knew where to go, considering his house wasn't that far from memorial hospital. I bolted in the building and snuck into the hospital. Not a lot of people where there. It was pretty early after all. But the people who were there stared at me. I just wanted to be alone, so I walked akay to the rec room. Even though there were people in there, I sat on the couch. I must of looked like I was dying. I stared at my lap for a while. "Oh thank God your here. I need to show you somthing." Some voice said. I looked up and Alan was showing my somthing on his phone. It said


Does @Conniethecat think she's some super hero? Well, she was one. Lol what a freak😈 Got this juicy info from the freak herself. Ha ha!

"Wait, so she knows about Mighty med?" I asked nervously. Please say no. "I have no idea. Maybe someone Told her." He said. Oh my god. "Well I know I didn't, and I know Oliver didn't, You barely know her, but Kaz, Well, he has been trying to impress her for years." I explained. This feels like crap. "Well then, this sucks, A lot."

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