Oliver's POV

I really hate Mickie Ramirez. And Kaylee Pemore. And Lisa Harris. And Zoey Evans. My sisters friends are extremely annoying and loud, especially Mickie.She's also crazy and obnoxious. And just my luck, they're all in this house. All of them. And they watched this video and won't stop singing "Zipidy do da Zipidy day, my oh my what a wonderful day." If I hear tht one more time, there will be preteen girls in a hole. "Hi Oliver." Piped up a small voice. "Oh hi Mickie." I had to look down to see her. She's so small. But when I look at her face, she looks familier. I think I've seen that face at the hospital. But who? She looks ten. She's 13. Those eyes are freakish. Like her personality. After putting all the pieces together, I realized she just looks a little like Horace. Now I'm disappointed. I thought I knew her from somewhere. But she just looks basic. I just left and went upstairs. I checked my phone. I Skylar texted me. It said "Kaz is such a liar! He told Stuffy st. Claire about Mighty med. The traitor!" Stuffy Is what we call Stephanie. It's because she's stuck up and snooty. But Kaz told her. He told her. I text back. "How do u know?" Two seconds. "She posted it on Schoolbird." Schoolbird is a social media site. The funny thing is, I said I was a student at chestnut middle. That's Tori's school. But because I said that, I can't see what my classmates say. Just a bunch of crap seventh graders say about coffee and shoes. I know, wierd. Skylar sent me a picture. It was of stuffys post. It had nothing to do with mighty med. It was a rude remark about Skylar. I was, ironicly, more mad about that. I wanted to slap the fake cake off her face. She smokes cigarettes. I don't want Kaz to star smoking. And I heard she goto in trouble for pushing a student down the stairs, which is somthing I just might want to do to her.

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