Skylars POV

I didn't feel like going back outside, but I did. I thought I might want to Hang out with Oliver. I called him. "Hi." I said through the phone. "Hey. how are you holding up?" He asked on the other end. "I'm doing better. How about you?" I remember his dad beat him and his sister up last night. "I'm fine. Hey I'm not working but I'm gonna go to the hospital." He said. I'm not at the hospital. I went out for a walk, but somehow I went to the domain. I looked inside. There were only about five people in total. I saw Gus behind the counter, and Jordan and Alan were Doing some math thing. I know because I heard Jordin say he "Can't do simple division." "I'm actually at the Domain. Gus, Alan, and Jordin are here." I said On the phone. "Is Kaz there?" Oliver asked. Kaz was not there.I saw him yesterday with Stuffy and her friend Ethan at 711. They bought camel lights. "No." I said. "Oh, well, I'll go there." He said. "Okay, I'll see you later." I said. "Bye." He said. I walked in. "Hi guys." I said. "hey, did you smell the ciggirtetes outside?" Jordin asked. "Yeah, I did." It did smell like ciggerette smoke out there. About 5 minutes later, Oliver showed up. "Guys, you need to see something." He said as he bursted in the door. We all followed him. We looked at the end of the road. Some kids were smoking ciggarettes.Right there were Stuffy, Ethan, 3 people i don't know, and Kaz.

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