Skylar's POV

It couldn't be eraser to spot my friends in the crowd of basics. Mostly because Oliver has Nasty scars all over him, which get even more horrifying as I run closer to him.

"Hi." I say with a smile, even though smiling is for those stupid middle school kids that I am forced to be around. Apparently Oliver is e only person who noticed I was there, because he planted a kiss on my lips, then he winced a bit, because his lips were bleeding.

"You don't have to kiss me, I can see your in pain."

"No, I, I'm not. I-I-it's just the cold." Normal girlfriends get upset when their boyfriend lies, but I find it adorable.

"ok lovebirds, can the mush stop, we're in PUBLIC here." Someone said (sounded like Kaz) but Oliver just wrapped is arm around me, which I honestly don't like. Most girls love when a guy wraps his arm around her, but most guys don't have 15 cuts, 2 bruises, and a big red mark on their arm. And that's just one arm. Yes, I counted.

"Yes! I got Eagles tickets!" Alan shouted (I didn't know he was here, honestly), looking up from his phone. Everyone groaned at that, honestly we don't watch sports. We're Geeks, not sport fans.

"Not going." Kaz states.

"I don't do social events" Oliver says.

" I'm banned from the Eagles stadium, ever since I tried to borrow their mascot." Gus says. Wait, what? That kid is a wierdo.

"And I have to go to this stupid Yoga class Mickie Ramirez, a 7th grader from Chestnut Middle School, invited me to." That's my reason not to go.

"Yoga? What 13 year olds do yoga? And why would Mickie Ramirez, a very awesome person hang out with YOU?" Alan very rudely asks. I sneer at him.

"I want to go." God, I wonder who said they wanted to go to a FREAKING EAGLES GAME. Wait, was it JORDAN who said she wants to go to see a football game. There has to be a reason though. Maybe she wants to hate on both teams, or hate on the people there, or bring out all her soft hatered. She actually looked over Alan's phone. She then kinda stared at him, and he stared back. They talked quietly about something. They've been doing that a lot lately. But it's probably not important.

Wait, it might be? It might not? I don't know.

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