Okay, I'm not posting anything on anytime soon. I just wanna give you a summery of my fanfiction, as if it were on . Here goes nothing,

Not the answer. (That's the title)

Oliver's problems are just adding up. Kaz is evil, Skylars not talking to him, his sister has an eating disorder, and his dad abuses him. So what happens when he finds a full bottle of Xanax? Meanwhile, Horace finds out he wiped his own memory 13 years ago, and has a wife and daughter. The wierd part is, Oliver's sister is friends with the girl.

Also one quick fact. In my original plot, the role of Mickie Ramirez was originally named Lilly. I changed her name because I have a really close friend named Lilly and that was awkward.

Oh and Incace you don't understand, Xanax is a type of pill.

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