Should I Write a mighty med fanfiction? What do you all think. If I were to write one, it would mostly be about making Skylar non-evil, and would rotate around being told on Oliver and skylars POVs. Here is a preview of it being told during the events of storm's end

Oliver's POV I froze. We were so close to saving Skylar, and now Kaz and I just might die. The Ahnnilator had his power cannon aimed at us. He's about to shoot, I know it. I was right, he aimed it low, and I fall. I can't even tell where he hit me. That is, until I realize he hit my leg. It's probably broken. I can't help but scream. It sounds high pitched. Happax enters the room. He looks mad. Happaz and the Ahnnilator Must have gotten into a fight, but Kaz pulled me away before I could see what happened. "Kaz, where are we going?" I sound loopy. I must have lost a lot of blood from the leg injury "look, there's a house." I look up. There IS a house. It is painted pink, purple, and blue. Caldera is full of friendly people, I'm sure someone will help us save Skylar from, well, herself. It's not that far from here, so we get there in a second. The door isn't locked, so we head right in. We stand around the doorway for awhile. Well, I stand on one leg, using the wall to balance myself. Then a girl runs out of a room upstairs, jumps on the railing and slides down to where me and Kaz are. She is very short and skinny, so I would think she is about twelve years old. She looks exactly like Skylar, and has a purple stripe in her hair. "Nine seconds,not too bad." She says, looking at a stopwatch. She looks up and screams. She put her fingertips on our heads, and there is nothing.

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